Japanese sculptor and B-Boy dancer Taku Obata creates brilliant wooden sculptures that pay homage to the breakdancing and hip-hop cultures. In the process of these works, Obata uses traditional Japanese carving techniques, which not only implements his heritage through the way he approaches his contemporary subject matter but also brings out the vibe of the message itself.

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PangeaSeed has recently completed its latest project: “Seawalls: Murals for Oceans” in Miami, which featured murals by Aaron Glasson Brian Hebets, Meggs, Naturel, Nychos, and Hannah Stouffer. We are very proud of the project’s recent success and hope you find it suitable to share on your site, blog, or via social media. PangeaSeed’s next major mural festival, will be taking place in Cozumel, Mexico from July 17 – 26, 2015.


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Inspired by a near fatal car crash that happened to his father, UK-based artist Ron Arad has created a series of wall-mounted car sculptures entitled “Pressed Flowers.” The series includes six flattened Fiat 500c Giardiniera, which represents his family’s first car, which was driven when the accident occurred.

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