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Dean Reynolds was born in Los Angeles, California. His work is influenced by science fiction, fantasy, fables, myths and fairy tales. His work in the entertainment field also finds its way into the work. There are homages to Surrealism (Dali and Magritte), Lewis Carroll and and The Wizard of Oz. In the end they are windows to his take on the world.

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The hilarious and innovative street artist OakOak is back in action with a clever new piece appropriately titled “Sideshow Bob.” The new work just landed on the streets of his hometown, Saint-Etienne in France which uses the famous Simpson’s characters face and uses flowers close to the wall as his brightly coloured hair.

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Infamous New York City based graffiti artist KATSU has been an innovator in the destruction of vandalism. In this case, he’s stepped up his game again by using a drone to deface (literally) a gigantic Calvin Klein billboard in the Big Apple with Kendall Jenner’s portrait on it. We can only imagine how many people he’s pissed off in doing so!

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Bryan Ray is an American Artist. A passion for creative exploration has impelled him to produce a distinct body of work encompassing a wide range of visual mediums from video, fashion design, to fine art. Often building on a unique juxtaposition of elements he creates a personal narrative between art and observer that focuses on their internal perspectives of time, space, and perceived realities. His oeuvre at times seems to contradict itself, in that the vision can be futuristic and at the same time analog. This is highlighted in his personal work which negotiates worlds between distorted VHS video signals, precise line forms, and handmade elements, to create a disjointed yet balanced visual plane.

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In a series of new works entitled “Miscelenea,” Cinta Pinta conveys that we all live in one world in very different ways. Playing with everyday objects and spaces, placed in impossible ways to express that many times, the inner dimension of each one of us does not match the mental structures of those around us.

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