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French artist Sacha Goldberger combines modern-day villains and heroes with 17th century portraiture techniques. the icons of american culture from superman to wolverine are set with the same aesthetic as typical flemish fine art paintings of powerful nobles. Hand picked models uncannily resemble the characters in their movie adaptation, dressed in intricately crafted costumes reimagined to suit 17th century requirements.

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Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi creates brightly colored, cartoonish images by taking photos of balloons wearing funny costumes. For well over a decade he has been taking photographs of still lives consisting of a ton of humour, optical illusions, weird proportions, color play, and whimsical objects. His incredible list of clients include Vogue Russia, Bloomingdales, H&M, Puma, Target, Hermes and Swarovski to name a few.

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Urban Nation recently kicked off their ongoing art program with a roster of artists curated by the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. One aspect of the event features artists who create window installations in Berlin and the ones invited this time did just that. Take a look at some in progress photos as Dan Witz, Jeff Soto, Nychos, Olek and Saner created their own pieces to be displayed in the windows of the building as well as works for the group show.

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San Francisco based artist, Zio Ziegler, is known around the world for his large yet intricate mural works that reflect emotion and passion. His only solo exhibition in the United States this year, Intuitivism, communicates the act of drawing as a universal expression for emotion. This new body of work has more depth and abstraction than previous work, focusing less on an observational point of view. Ziegler approaches the canvas with pent up feelings and relies soley on unconscious reasoning to create. By challenging himself to breakout from his comfort zone and moving forward with intuition to guide his personal narrative, the result is a vibrant burst of emotional expression. Ziegler just opened his only United States solo exhibition this past Saturday called “Intuitivism” at LeQuiVive Gallery. Along with the show Zio also painted a large mural on 3 story building here in Oakland that turned out amazing.


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