“Whilst appearing to the casual observer as intricate, highly accurately embroidered renditions of popular confectionery logos, this series hides a darker secret. Subtly subverting the messages of many a recognisable chocolate brand, my stitch skills combine with darkly humorous puns to comment on the emotional impact of an eating disorder. What is fundamentally a destructive condition is transformed here in to something aesthetically pleasing, yet perhaps made all the more poignant for its subtext.” –Charlotte Bailey

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“The Missed Adventures of Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Death in the Land of Shadows: Chapter 13 The Sad Fate of Barberville ( How Jenny became a Pirate).” is an exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Christopher Burch which opened June 13th 2015 and runs until August 12th at the African American Arts and Cultural Complex in San Francisco.


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Syd Bee’s interest in folklore, femininity, and the bizarre fuel her works which capture figures in a dreamy moment. She uses softness in application and color to suggest sweetness in spite of a creeping despondence. Bee’s figures appear melancholy and at odds with unseen forces. Through her explorations, perhaps one day these characters may overcome their circumstances.

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