Katerina Kamprani – Uncomfortable Project

Katerina Kamprani creates incredible industrial design sculptures that are not only witty and fun but forces the audience to rethink every day objects. Kamprani also works as a web designer, architect, 3dsmax teacher and 3d modeler based in Athens.

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With another 100+ page issue, this lengthy new edition of BBB is an artistic gold mine. With a broad range of visuals such as Zeus40 of Wildboys, XRay, ANSER: Mysterious Date, Dick Cherry, Mikael B/KetsOne, an editorial on the graffiti Mecca “5 Pointz” in NYC, AGENS ABM Crew, Trevor Wheatley‘s NIKE Project and Augustine Kofie, this issue is sure to be an instant classic. Click the image or the the magazine HERE!


Bizarre Beyond Belief 10 For Tablets & Smartphones

We here have been working hard to make loads of new ways for you to see (what we think at least) is our fantastic publication. Now through Readymag, we have made our publication cross-platform, where you can read our most recent issue on your desktop, tablet and/or smartphone. Through this platform there’s loads of new features such as audio, video and slideshows. It means you can enjoy tons more from each artist/feature. Currently, number 10 is the only issue up, but you can rest assured we will do our best to get every last one up there. After the click a quick mini-demo of how it looks on an iPad. Read BBB10 through Readymag HERE.



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James Shaw – Spray Gun Furniture

James Shaw was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne and raised in Devon, a.k.a. the English Riviera to a family of doctors with an artistic leaning. He has studied at University College Falmouth, Kingston University (BA Hons Product and Furniture) and The Royal College of Art (MA Design Products).

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Ferruccio Laviani – Good Vibrations

This brilliant woodworking piece entitled “Good Vibrations” is a hand-carved Storage Unit created by architect Ferruccio Laviani for the 2013 Furniture Exhibition. The piece appears warped and distorted and was created entirely by Laviani’s hand and not by a computer.

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Recycle Skateboard Products

All over the world people are creating fantastic and interesting new products using recycled skateboards. Though we’re not sure who the creators are, the objects are brilliant. From lights to lounge chairs there’s plenty of reasons why you should’ve just throw out your old skateboard decks.

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Massimo Vignelli – Book Design

This short video presented by Mohawk Papers, shows legendary book designer Massimo Vignelli and his creative process of book design. It displays the beginning of his process using a carefully calculated grid system followed by hand drawn images. The video was released along side a limited edition sketch book with Vignelli’s grid printed on all one hundred pages of Mohawk Superfine paper.

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Quiet British Accent – Does Football Have A Place In Art?

When husband and wife art/design duo Jason and Sharon Gale (Quite British Accent) began working together, someone told them that sport had no place in art. Rather than take heed, the couple produce all their work using the visual vocabulary of sporting culture. Their latest collection, exhibited recently at Core at Nolias Gallery, includes a series of textile slogans appliquéd onto vintage football shirts. The work satirises the sport-in-art argument and likens popular culture heroes to sporting heroes.



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