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Athen B.Gallery is proud to announce,“Opus Die”,a solo exhibition by SanFrancisco artist, Beau Adams. Adams creates richly textured oil paintings on canvas and finely detailed watercolor works on paper with gold leaf applique. In a style inspired by classical pietas and Byzantine era icon paintings, the works introduce modern symbolism and ideologies. Beau creates images of holy men with patterned vestments and Russian gang tattoos, vivid and energetic oil paintings borrowing from classical composition that highlight a violence intertwined with religion throughout history. “OpusDie” is a play on the name of a religious sect Opus Dei, meaning “Work of God.” The exhibition opens on February 13th in Downtown Oakland with us at Athen B. Gallery.


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After a brief digital hiatus to complete some print projects and events, we are back with our glorious 20th issue consisting of an image feature from Stephen Ormandy and interview features from Patch Whisky, Sight One, Hannah Stouffer, Vilx, Fucci and Kwest. Click the link HERE or image below to read!


Lady Be creates contemporary mosaics, icons and famous portraits entirely composed of objects that have lost their original function, simply becoming “colors”. Each work has the power to awake memories connected to each object, when you see it closely, and to be perfectly recognizable from far. Moving away from the painting, in fact, the initial confusion caused by the view of an apparently meaningless assemblage becomes astonishment. The subject takes a form and you feel proud of recognizing the face as a whole. The work has a photographic look, its depth emerges clearly with lights and shadows, as well as the memories connected to the subject.


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