This series is the result of the meeting between Rems182’s “Chaos Reign” graffiti series and Fabio Zanino‘s “Decostruzioni” series in which the figurative world of Rems182 is remixed through the kaleidoscopic lens of Fabio Zanino.

In Rems182’s “Chaos Reign” works the animal world, expressing itself in an instinctive and sometimes cruel way, reminds us how rationality is not the only factor which controls life.
In human relations, like among animals, sometimes it is chaos which moves everything, and our intellectual architectures are powerless in front of the mercilessness of life.

Fabio Zanino’s works on original subjects through an epic game of breaking down and synthesis of language and form to alter the message and perception.


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WP GALLERY is proud to announce it’s 2nd Solo Exhibition with recognized street artist and fine artist DISTORT. After 5 years since our last exhibition Distort’s vision is as concrete as ever. Working solely with enamel and metal he has evolved his technique and style in a thought provoking series of works entitled “The Crusades”. More info and images after the jump!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.25.25 AM

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Rems182, is a multidisciplinary artist and member of the amazing Truly Design crew. Rems182 has recently unveiled “TENSIONE ASTRATTA”, his new exhibition at Punto618 Art Gallery in Venaria Reale, Turin, Italy.

In “Tensione Astratta” Rems182 fuses graffiti writer language with modern figurative art experience in perennial tension towards abstract disaggregation.

The exhibition will be open until December 8th 2015. Photo Credits: Roberto Buratto.


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We are thrilled to announce the screening of Nothing Special, the graffiti documentary created by Aper TRG VC and produced by ourselves and Visual Orgasm is set to premiere tonight at CineCycle screening at 1030pm. It’s going to be a jam packed night full of fun, drinks and of course the movie. If you’re in Toronto, don’t miss out! You can also purchase it HERE and HERE.

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