The infamous Atlanta born artist Sever from the MSK crew crushed a new wall recently in Oahu for POW!WOW! Hawaii 2015. As per usual Sever uses pop culture to poke fun at anti graffiti advocates by incorporating Bugs & Taz from Looney Toons decked out in Kriss Kross attire in the mural. However, if you look further into the mural there is a much deeper message on the wall.

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The infamous dissection artist NYCHOS is back at it again with another outstanding mural based in his hometown of Vienna, Austria. Rabbit Eye Movement, his creative studio, has recently just celebrated its 10 year anniversary and in light of that, they have a documentary set to premier very soon in Vienna entitled “The Deepest Depths of the Burrow.” Check out the Austrian wizard at work and if you’re in Vienna go scoop some tickets for the film.

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Polish graffiti artist Riam USH recently dropped a video of him getting busy all over the globe. The nearly 30 min video is appropriately titled “I Just Write My Name” and consists of spots in Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, London and our hometown Toronto. Peep the video and tons of flicks after the jump!

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