Mural artists Truly Design presents three interconnected ‪‎anamorphic graffiti called “CALLISTO AND ARCAS” painted at Scuola Holden – School of Storytelling & Performing Arts in Turin, Italy. The murals each have a story attached to them. Look and read below and after the jump!

Juno punishes Callisto for the betrayal with Jupiter transforming her into a bear:


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As street art fans from around the globe know, the Tahiti Graffiti Competition recently went down and along with that, a ton of amazing murals. One of our favourites in particular is a collaboration between graffiti artists Pose and Dabs & Myla on the streets of Papeete. Using a very graphic and colourful style, the work just leaps off the wall.

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We alongside other great sponsors are proud to present a trailer for an insane new clean train video entitled “Nothing Special.” The video features trains from various systems throughout the world with crews involved such as TRG. It’s a take on graffiti videos like nothing seen before. Watch the video and some teaser flicks after the jump!

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 6.25.03 PM

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