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KAABOO Del Mar is proud to announce the debut of KAABOO ArtworK, which will showcase an array of visual stimulation from world-renowned contemporary artists and galleries, adding a unique facet to the KAABOO ‘mixperience.’ The inaugural Artwork roster features live mural painting, intricate sculpture installations, and unique exhibitions by globally acclaimed artists and galleries, featuring: Aaron Glasson, Amandalynn, Apex, Brendan Monroe, Celeste Byers, David Young V, Dirty Bandits, Distinction Gallery, Erik Otto, HOT TEA, Hueman, Ian Ross, Jade Rivera, Jet Martinez, Kamea Hadar, Kelly Ording, Lucien Shapiro, Luna Rienne Gallery, Marcas Gallery, Minka Sicklinger, 111 Minna, Pangeaseed, Rocha Art, Tatiana Suarez, Victor Roman, and many more. Read the full press release and watch the teaser video after the jump!

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Montana Colors presents a video of the the second mural organized by Spogo to be completed in the Barcelona town of Badalona, comes courtesy of the artist, Once. Textures, contrasts, and geometry go hand in hand in a unique production that adapts to different parts of the surface to cause an optical effect in the viewer. Video and images complete the follow up on this interesting intervention with which Rebobinart collaborated, and it marks the continuation of this project inaugurated by Ixcalli.

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Here’s a new video from Tostfilms. This time around you can see how 6 different Puertorican artist work in collaboration with the University of PuertoRico in the municipality of Bayamon to create 6 murals inside the university to stimulate the college students starting the new semester with some quality art work.

The project was curated by Matadero Art and Documented by tostfilms. Name of the artists Vero Rivera tittle “En brote” (golden leaf wall), Patricia Esperanza tittle “Mareo” (Black and white wall), Ricardo Sanchez “Eterna Existencia” (apple with a brain wall), Sergio Vazquez “Volando en cantos” (the purple floating student) Aslan1 “Imaginate” (the fish and paper wall), The stencil Network “Cowboy Glitch” (distorted cowboy) Jorge Fusaro “La oscuridad es la luz que no vez” (the tunnel with the street wall).

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Moroccan photographer and filmmaker Achraf Baznani ​(Born in Marrakesh) ​carries on the traditions of Surrealism with his wild, imaginative, and wholly impractical imagery. Among his inventive scenarios, small human figures -often the artist himself- appear trapped within glass jars or the size of a camera lens; in other works, Baznani more or less dissects his body, as for example, in one, he cleanly removes his brain from his cranium, or in another, twists off his hand, much as if it were a light bulb. Imparted throughout such works are strong senses of humor and wonder, and as such, Baznani’s art offers a Surrealistic take on life experience in the digital age.

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In its second season, The Creative Lives has release a mini-documentary about the life and times of artist Cleon Peterson. TCL takes a look at Peterson’s extensive and exceptional career and interviews the artist himself as well as many important people in his development. This is what TCL had to say about the video:

Cleon Peterson‘s cruel images of violence assault our senses, yet his goal is not to shock but to dissuade the negative world he sees unfurling around him. War, rape, distrust and dishonor are depicted in classical landscapes framed as if an 18th century oil. Raised in Seattle, Cleon’s mother, a former ballerina, pushed his talent to great lengths, encouraging Cleon to get his GED at age 14 and start attending art college. Brilliant but addicted, Cleon struggled, eventually ending up in a criminally ordered asylum, where he got clean and started to define his unique vision.”

Some more image previews and video and some more after the jump.

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Jeremy Nichols just sent us over some new information, previews and murals that he’s been working on over the past little while. Nichols also has this coming Friday, September 4th, 2015, and will be showing all new work along side with David Ball and Alex Gardener, at 111 Minna Gallery. SF, Ca. 94105. If you’re in San Francisco on the weekend be sure to check it out.


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