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Multidisciplinary artist Casper Braat has recently takes a stab at the world’s largest fast food chain, McDonald’s, by going further than just to create work about it – he makes it a religion (“McJezus“).

Braat mass crafted paraphernalia incorporating McDonald’s goods such as spoons and fry holders to be purchased at a highly marked up cost as it could now be considered “iconography.”

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Some beautiful new work done by fine artist Hannah Stouffer which are currently on display at the Philadelphia based space – Paradigm Gallery in a duo show alongside Hilary White entitled “Ingress/Egress.”

Stouffer’s work leads one into a natural play of self-realization through visually mapped out emotional planes; her conscious decision to pour energy into the viewer finding diverse ways to simple answers that lie within.

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Calligraphy artist Ian Barnard has created a brilliant video of typographic works using only our favourite ingredients. From Broccoli to Chilli Peppers Barnard’s perfectly lettering shows us as he says: “Showing that you don’t need expensive tools to do calligraphy. Actually anything will do!” What the video after the click.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.50.20 AM

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Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Lauren Brevner grew up in a mixed heritage family rich with culture and inspiration. In 2009, she moved to Osaka, Japan in hopes of reconnecting with her roots. There, Lauren had the honour of apprenticing under renowned artist, Sin Nakayamal. It was through her mentor that she first began her work as an artist. Nakayamal was the inspiration that sparked her journey to self-taught fruition.

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