Cao Hui – Classic Sculptures Dissected

Cao Hui‘s series of classic sculptures dissected for a solo show last year takes some of the most influential sculptures ever created and adds a fun yet creepy aspect to them. Pieces like the “Venus de Milo” and Michaelangelo’s “David” are chopped and cut up and may be pulled apart to see their internal organs.

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David Byrne – Tight Spot

Legendary musician and artist David Byrne has created an installation called ‘Tight Spot’ that he blew up all by himself. It is a giant inflatable globe that barely fits under the High Line at 10th Avenue and 25th Street.

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Agents Of Change – “Unfolding” @ David Block Gallery

The David Bloch Gallery presents Agents of Change in Marrakech. Creating work in the blazing African heat, the group exhibition included a public mural among a number of fantastic works in the gallery space.

David Altmejd – Various Sculptures

David Altmejd is a Montreal-born artist currently living and working in New York City. Altmejd’s work is bizarre and beautiful. Large-scale sculpture installations that tend to use unconventional materials and though abstract, the work maintains a very anthropomorphic quality.

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David Schwen – Pantone Food Matches

Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, Artist David Schwen created a very humourous and brilliant series where he matches the food we all love to eat with a pantone swatch depicting these as the exact colours along the pantone spectrum.

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