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We’re sure you know all about one of our favourite graffiti/street artists Digital Does of the Love Letters Crew. On top of that, considering all of our recent posts, we’re sure you also know all about his “Endless Perspectives” project, which is coming up very soon. Here’s another video installation of his tour and preparation of the project. This particular video takes place in Paris, France. Video after the jump!

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Commuter trains? Check. Tons of fire extinguishers loaded with spray paint? Check. A group of naked guy and girl hardcore vandals? Check. This video is a must see on all accounts. There’s no introduction to do it justice. Just watch. Video after the jump.

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“I’m a human being and I don’t believe in borders. I think the world belongs to everyone born on Earth. This is my planet, our planet. No man is an island. Yes, I was born on Cuba but, above all, I was born on Planet Earth. I like to think that Lana Sutra talks about universal love which cancels diversity.” – Erik Ravelo

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