The Grifters x Cockney – Erratic Impulses

Parisian musician DJ Pone has released a new track entitled “Dipodaine” featuring Didai to go along with his new EP entitled “Erratic Impulses.” A video created of the same name has graffiti Cockney from The Grifters beings going hard as hell in the French commuter yards to a new level.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 10.41.27 PM


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Warby Parker x Beck – Carmichael Frames

The guys from Warby Parker got in contact with us about an exciting new project they’re doing with musical artist Beck. The two are collaborating on a music meets fashion project that is celebrated with a new line of frames entitled “Carmichael.” Below is their press release about the project and after the jump a lot of amazing pictures of the frames.



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Young Galaxy – Crying My Heart Out

There’s a number of reasons to post up Young Galaxy‘s new video “Crying My Heart Out.” For one thing, it’s extremely bizarre but so well shot, it’s unreal. Also, the connections we have to the people involved in the video are all basically family of BBB such as the director Luke McCutcheon. We think you’ll probably get a kick out of the strange video, but definitely fall in love with the song. Watch the video after the click!

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 3.57.08 PM


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Writing Wednesday – Summer Traps “Percocets Prevent Alzheimer’s”

We know it’s been sometime, but business grabs hold of us all. However, we’re proud to be back with another sweet ballad from our man Dave Dean for his Summer Traps album. This beauty entitled “Percocets Prevent Alzheimer’s”. Music and words after the click.



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Writing Wednesday – Summer Traps “Never Knew”

We’re back again with WW and it’s another Dave Dean special. This time we’ve got a new song entitled “Never Knew”, once again being released in anticipation for his new album “Summer Traps”. Song and lyrics after the click.



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Writing Wednesday – Summer Traps “Self-Discipline”

The intros are going to be less and less as we post there. Here’s another Writing Wednesday focusing on the release of Dave Dean‘s new upcoming album “Summer Traps”. This song is entitled “Self-Discipline” and the lyrics will follow.



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Writing Wednesday – Summer Traps “Like Sleep”

As you probably have noticed, we are dedicating all of our Writing Wednesdays to Dave Dean‘s new album “Summer Traps”. For this week’s franchise post, we have his newest release (along with the lyrics) entitled “Like Sleep”. Definitely one of our favourites which we have heard so far.



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Summer Traps – Oh Lannie

If you frequent this site, you definitely are aware that our main man, Dave Dean, is coming out with his new album “Summer Traps”. In anticipation of it, we are releasing song after song until the whole album is out. Here is his newest release entitled “Oh Lannie” with lyrics after the jump.



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