INSA – The Making Of Ketel One Gif-iti

INSA and Ketel One Vodka hooked up to for an advertisement project. If you know INSA’s work you know he’s famous for starting the “Gif-iti” movement, where murals are created and tweaked a number of times and put into a .gif format and it creates a spectacular result. In this project he uses the Ketel One logo and his signature black and white swirl background to create an incredible optical illusion.

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Ewok Video Blog 78 feat. SP.One and Jick – Miami

Ewok’s back with a new instalment of his video blog. This video features him painting the Oggetti Building in Miami’s Wynwood District during Art Basel this past December friends SP.One, Jick Imok, oh, and Lenny Kravitz.

Katharina Grosse – One Floor Up More Highly

Katharina Grosse is an artist who loves to get colourful and go big with her work. We’ve posted up some of her work before and if you remember is beautiful and destructive. This new installation is no different and embodies what we love.

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