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This new piece created by R1 entitled “Sound of Light” consists of 1000 CD’s that were installed on a derelict, abandoned farm house. The artwork interacts in connection with the light of the sun. When the sun reflects on the CD’s, they re-direct a spectrum of dynamic, neon-like colours that change as one moves position. The CD installation was strategically placed in an open landscape (facing west) to capture the sunlight as it mirrors back a magnificent ‘sound’ of colour. The temporary artwork was installed in one day and dismantled the day after. Video and more images after the jump!



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Lala Abaddon seeks to examine the dual nature of binary relationships with parallels that give shape to their physical existence. In her woven work she integrates many components in her process, capturing her unique images multiple times through a repetitive sequence of traditional analog photographic methods, then arranging the large format prints into precise and deliberate pairings.


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This series is the result of the meeting between Rems182’s “Chaos Reign” graffiti series and Fabio Zanino‘s “Decostruzioni” series in which the figurative world of Rems182 is remixed through the kaleidoscopic lens of Fabio Zanino.

In Rems182’s “Chaos Reign” works the animal world, expressing itself in an instinctive and sometimes cruel way, reminds us how rationality is not the only factor which controls life.
In human relations, like among animals, sometimes it is chaos which moves everything, and our intellectual architectures are powerless in front of the mercilessness of life.

Fabio Zanino’s works on original subjects through an epic game of breaking down and synthesis of language and form to alter the message and perception.


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