Colossal Media x Sky High Murals – The Big Brush Project [Greg Lamarche]

Colossal Media and Sky High Murals have teamed up with fine/graffiti artist Greg Lamarche for their first installment of The Big Brush Project. The mural features falling letters in Lamarche’s signature collage aesthetic and was painted in a way that matches his process. The video depicts how Lamarche paints his murals letter by letter, instead of by section.

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Mark Lyken x Teo Moneyless – The Canals Project

Ahead of the Italian leg of their “Forms and Spaces” Project with Recoat Gallery, Mark Lyken and Teo Moneyless collaborate once again, creating a monster wall over 5 days for The Canals Project in Hackney Wick, London. Filmaker Gordon Beswick captures the process.



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MTN Colors Presents – Versus Round 6 – HASK vs. Verde Rambo

Montana Colors is back with another instalment of their video series “Versus Project“, where they get a writer to paint a burner with the primary focus being one colour. In this case, we have HASK, a Barcelona based graffiti artist, going head to head against the colour “Verde Rambo”.

Does Graffiti – Endless Perspectives [Paris]

We’re sure you know all about one of our favourite graffiti/street artists Digital Does of the Love Letters Crew. On top of that, considering all of our recent posts, we’re sure you also know all about his “Endless Perspectives” project, which is coming up very soon. Here’s another video installation of his tour and preparation of the project. This particular video takes place in Paris, France. Video after the jump!

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The Hangerone Project – 45RPM

Hangfire is a UK based collective who does a variety of work in the arts community. Their newest edition to their repertoire is “The Hangerone Project”. This project has artists painting airplanes as big as commercial jets. The first video in the series is from Bristol based graffiti artist 45RPM.

Digital Does – Endless Perspectives

This video kicks off Does‘ new project “Endless Perspectives”. The series documents Does traveling to several cities to paint canvasses incorporated into murals. These journeys were documented by cameraman Stephan Polman. Rube Parthoens helps to edit the footage and Blankeroy finds the perfect tune to match the respective city. The results of the project will be shown during an exhibition on April 5, 6 and 7 in Melbourne.