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Google today has released their Street Art Project which allows urban art lovers to immerse themselves in the culture through Google’s impressive panoramic cameras. As stated in their own words: “Starting today, you can immerse yourself in a world of prowling foxes on lonely walls, supernatural symbolism, murals on a grand scale, tiny hard-to-spot icons, or trompe l’oeil techniques that use physical details of the wall itself to trick the eye.”

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 9.32.26 PM


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Colossal Media and Sky High Murals have teamed up with fine/graffiti artist Greg Lamarche for their first installment of The Big Brush Project. The mural features falling letters in Lamarche’s signature collage aesthetic and was painted in a way that matches his process. The video depicts how Lamarche paints his murals letter by letter, instead of by section.

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We’re sure you know all about one of our favourite graffiti/street artists Digital Does of the Love Letters Crew. On top of that, considering all of our recent posts, we’re sure you also know all about his “Endless Perspectives” project, which is coming up very soon. Here’s another video installation of his tour and preparation of the project. This particular video takes place in Paris, France. Video after the jump!

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To promote a range of brand new spray paint colors, Montana has invited some graffiti writers to test out one color each in this new video series entitled “VERSUS Project.” In this video, we’ve got the GFM crew uses the new color Violeta Geisha, using only black and white with it.


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