Simon Silaidis – Urban Calligraphy “Skyfall”

Simon Silaidis is a designer, a thinker, a vision-er, a pioneer… Lately he applied his life’s love of calligraphy in the rural, urban and suburban surroundings of Asia and Europe. You will spot his work in abandoned places, in the streets and in his studio using ink and bamboo pens. His style is a mix of Western, Asian and Arabian calligraphy and his vision of a new world of calligraphy based in tranquility and symmetry dominating our surrounding is in fact the inner change he proposes to world. His twelve year successful experience as designer is only the start to what is ahead. Video and more information after the jump!



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Turbo Fatcap – Dream on Him

Graffiti artist INO from Athens (Greece) has just completed his latest artwork “Dream On Him”. Greek graffiti artists are trying a new painting technique which works almost exclusively with Fatcaps. This method is definitely fast and effective. The process video was shot and edited by Simon Silaidis after the jump!

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Double-Pressed 4th Issue of Bizarre Beyond Belief

Nearly 90 pages of solid gold in a double-pressed 4th issue. Mind-blowing talents have graced the pages of BBB such as The CA-Crew, Simon Monk, SKARY, Juan Carlos Noria, SWEAR1, Block By Block Ink, Mark Lyken and the intergalactic heavy metal band Gwar.

Simon Monk – New Prints

Simon Monk just gave us a heads up on some new prints he will be coming out with of Batman and Robin (a.k.a. Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake). Really awesome stuff, the rest of the set we posted up not too long ago and it’s on at ‘Oh Plastiksack’ at the Gewerbemuseum in Winterthur, Switzerland.