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The Outsiders Krew (a French/English duo) has been working in different slums and low income neighborhoods around the world. A few months ago, we published a video of their “Share The Word Project” in a slum in Nepal. They’re back again now back with a bran new video of the same project, but this time in Bogota, Colombia. The project is sill the same, we work in a neighbourhood for one month at a time, and paint on people’s house the words that they choose. It’s interesting to see which words they chose and why, etc. Stay tuned for the next episode that will take place in January in Cairo, Egypt and click for more images and watch the amazing video!


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For the past number of years the government of Paris has declared a war on graffiti. Saeyo and Rizot are two graffiti artists infatuated with abstract shapes and colour and have decided to play a little game with the city by beating them at their own game. dressed up as city workers and using various buffing colours and strategies the duo create abstract forms to play off the buff done by actual workers. Watch the hilarious video after the jump!

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