Aper – Daydrunks Montreal

The beast from the east of Canada APER is the focus of a new Montana Colors video entitled “Aper – Daydrunks Montreal.” Where the dude takes out Montreal piece by piece throughout a period of 24 hours with just chrome and black. Never a dull moment in this video!

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 9.25.59 AM
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Top Sprayer x The Grifters – Taps x Moses | Same Same

The Grifters presents a new video of graffiti artists Taps and Moses painting a done of spots from clean trains to desolate walls to promote the artists new book entitled “Same Same.” Peep the science after the jump!

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First Coat Toowoomba

In association with the Australian government, First Coat is a street art festival in Toowoomba, that consisted of over two dozen artists both local and international to beautify the city with their large-scale murals. Watch the video recap after the jump!

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 11.40.27 AM


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Montana Colors – WTC Crew & Friends

In this video presented by Montana Colors, graffiti artists Wear, Seor, Bich, Gofre the WTC crew painted walls and freights in Barcelona, ​​Spain with the company of other close friends such as SMUF, Sawe, Deek, Seny and Pesto.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 7.00.51 PM


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