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Swiss artist Fabian Oefner gave a Ferrari a certain type of “paint job” to represent a visualization of its speed. In a video uploaded by car company, Oefner placed the 2015 Ferrari California T in a wind tunnel before spraying neon paint on it. As the wind tunnel blew at a speed of up to 150 miles per hour, the paint slides across the surface of the automobile, creating multiple glowing streaks and splashes. Watch the video and loads more pics after the jump!

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Previous BBB interviewee and infamous Kiwi graffiti and fine artist ASKEW ONE was recently interviewed by If These Walls Could Talk. In this webisode Elliot “Askew” O’Donnell discusses operating across the worlds of Graffiti and Art, his interest in the discussion around contemporary pacific identity, and the challenges of prioritizing his art practice ahead of commercial opportunities.

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It is coming up to a year since Spraying Bricks headed to southern Spain, seeking warmer climates in Málaga. Invited there in mid November last year, Spraying Bricks tagged along for the journey to witness D*Face paint an epic, 10 storey, 200 ft blank canvas. This is the first in a series of videos from our time with D*Face and Shepard in Málaga. D*Face and Shepard Fairey are two of the most renowned street artists of their time and are close friends.

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Australian graffiti juggernaut SOFLES was recently in Paris, France where he got a ton of work done. In the video that follows, it’s got the man crushing trucks, walls and pull downs with some special guests. More flicks and video after the jump!

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Two of Montreal’s most productive graffiti mural writers FIVE8 and OMEN514 collaborate on a mural in an abandoned building featuring a fusion of their signature styles. With clean and colourful font letters from Five to a perfectly executed black and white portrait from Omen this wall pops. Watch a dope video after the jump shot and cut by MAD4TWNTY with music from Brave Men by Gramatik feat. Eskobars.

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 9.41.53 PM
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