Drew Young – Various Paintings

Drew Young (b.1987 Victoria, BC) currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He studied at The Victoria College of Art and received his diploma in Illustration and Applied Arts (IDEA) at Capilano University.

His painting accolades have brought him many curatorial opportunities in recent years. He’s the Visual Arts curator for TedX Vancouver as well as curator/coordinator for Snag — a weekly live-painting exhibition focused on illuminating Vancouver’s alternative arts culture.


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Inti CL – New Mural in Tai Ping, China

Chilean muralist INTI CL just wrapped up his new mural entitled “RANDOM” for the project Back to School China in Tai Ping, Jishou, Hunan Province, CHINA. Here’s what the artist says about the work:

“Since the first astronomy records 4000 years ago in China, until today with modern mathematics, we are observing the universe attempting to decipher the cosmic “order” that rules us, convinced of the existence of a deterministic universe where certain laws or gods make things happen in a predictable and predetermined way. While the laws of physics work in our daily life, the more we learn about the universe, the more obvious it is that there is little we know about the fundamental pillars of our reality and that there will always be a limit to our knowledge. This leaves us in a universe governed by randomness and entropy, where mathematics is only a limited set of tools to help us understand an unlimited universe.”


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Jean Paul Donadini – Brosses Arrétées

Jean Paul Donadini is a french painter who was born in Troyes, France, in 1951. He graduated from the Beaux Arts of Troyes in 1971, then the Beaux Arts of Nancy in 1973 and the Beaux arts of Paris in 1976. Since then,he has worked and lived in Paris, and has had many personal exhibitions in France and abroad: Londres, New york, Miami, Chicago, Istambul, Dubaï, Séoul, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Paris.


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Eric Yahnker – Various Illustrations

Eric Yahnker is a Los Angeles based painter and illustration artist who creates hilarious satirical work. Using highly detailed rendering techniques, Yahnker attacks everyone from Abraham Lincoln with cornrows to Prince getting harassed by police.


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Mr. Poulet – New Graffiti Works

Mr. Poulet is a French artist who creates cute and whimsical graffiti work. Though, cute and graffiti rarely go together, Mr. Poulet is the exception. His work features his signature Poulet (or Chicken), interacting with his surroundings in often derelict and abandoned spaces. Check out some images and a video of some new work out in the streets.


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Dulk – New Mural in Denver, Colorado

Multidisciplinary artist Dulk recently made his way out to Denver where he painted a killer new piece for the Colorado Crush street art festival. The new wall entitled “The Tortoise & Harriet” features a tortoise and hare, and is the artist’s own vibrant and modern take on the famous fable.


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Fintan Magee – New Mural in Stavanger, Norway

Australian artist Fintan Magee recently made his way out to Stavanger, Norway where crushed a massive new mural. Invited by the Nuart Festival, the Melbourne based muralist went sky high on a piece entitled “Monument to a Disappearing Monument” featuring an oil worker fading a way, a metaphor for the community’s once booming oil production.


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