Feature – LUSH

In light of the first issue coming out, we figured it would be a good idea to feature each artist throughout the upcoming days. LUSH was definitely a fun interview to do, so we’ll start with him. Warning: Some of it quite hilarious and oh, yeah, explicit.

BBB: When did you realize graffiti, instead of porn, was your choice pursuit?

LUSH: Lets just say I’m going to be living in l.a in 2012 and shit is gonna get weird.

BBB: Do you use a swedish made penis enlarger, another brand or are you “au-naturelle”?

LUSH: I’m quite happy with what I was provided with.

BBB: How many pounds of weaponry do you carry on you at all times?

LUSH: I got two weapons lefty and fucken righty. Knives etc are for pussy maggots, you know who you are out there you fucking dirty junkies. Come at me with stabby shit because you know i got size on my side because i eat food not fucking smack and id cave your fucking face in. Skinny smacky pieces of shit, die slow.

BBB: After “Pimp My Piece”, how many offers did you get to do just that?

LUSH: Zero.

BBB: These women you have in your pieces, are they on a payment plan or are they just happy to be around LUSH?

LUSH: I dont pay, never will.

BBB: Historical or contemporary, Art or anything, if you could box any three people, who would it be?

LUSH: Like put them in a box? A cardboard box? Then throw in a dumpster with all the other garbage? Dface for starters I hate mentioning these guys names its just gives them some more fame they dont deserve. I hate anything by Above and cant fucking stand anyone who calls themselves a street artist.

BBB: If you could only paint one body-part for the rest of your career, which one and why?

LUSH: I’m more of an ass man.

BBB: What’s Lush’s diet?

LUSH: I suggest big sausage pizza for all you hos. Google it.

BBB: Redheads, Blondes or Brunettes?

LUSH: Whoever will lick my asshole without complaining. Oh and do my laundry.

BBB: Pink, Stink or Mouth?

LUSH: Head game has to be top notch, if you are all squirrelly and shit get outta here. Pussy tight like a vice grip and asshole is overrated who wants nasty fecal matter shit up their urethra.

BBB: What will the state of graffiti be like when you’ve got a dozen illegitimate children?

LUSH: I hope all these street art people die from aids. Who fucken knows by that time graffiti will be even more on some pro skateboarding shit, graffitisnacks instead of rapsnacks you know like Can2 Cajun Pepper crisps and shit.

Full Magazine Here

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