Feature – Pardon Le Dopeness

Pardon Le Dopeness is definitely wild, grimy and an all around real clothing company. PLD holds solid quality and aesthetic and definitely sheds light on the Toronto street-wear scene. These guys are gonna be absolutely everywhere soon, just you watch. Interview after the jump.

BizarreBeyondBelief: In the creation of Pardon Le Dopeness did you find that your past interests contributed to you having an upper hand in your avocation?

Pardon Le Dopness: Getting hunted down by the popo, mild drug use, and sex with strange women contribute to every artist’s creative edge. The two go hand in hand like leopard print and girls who leave scratch marks.

BBB: How has your upbringing helped or hindered the construction of Pardon Le Dopeness?

PLD: See above.

BBB: Would you say your company began as a mild interest and then exploded into a full time occupation, or did you believe whole-heartedly from the beginning this is what you were destined actualize?

PLD: Whoever said it is not the destination that matters more, but the journey was full of shit, and probably a virgin. We set out to bring this city the very best we could from day one, and nothing less. We do it for our cult believers, achievers, and fiend pervert mouth breathers.

BBB: One would be inclined to say the difficulties of creating a company are extensive, did you hold reservations before forming Pardon Le Dopeness?

PLD: It was not the company that we chose, it was the company that chose us. Like a succubus coming to steal your life force while sleeping, it’ll only be as unpleasant as you want it to be. In short, this industry is not for the soft, make your succubus squirt and bathe in the juice or accept your position in the underground forever.

BBB: When first becoming involved in the fashion industry, did you enter it under the impression that it would be difficult and corrupt like that of the criticisms of the music or entertainment industries?

PLD: We don’t really have much of a comment on that considering we are currently too busy soaking ourselves in the juices of our succubus.

BBB: In an industry polluted with gimmicks and cliches, how does Pardon Le Dopeness maintain its style to be fresh and cutting edge?

PLD: We continue to recognize that our main objective is to pleasure and stimulate our audience. The most important part of our job is to ensure we keep them satisfied and continually coming.

BBB: Throughout your entrepreneurship was there any aspects of the creative or managerial process that you would have done differently?

PLD: The words regret and mistake do not exist in the PLD vocabulary. Imperfections are at the core of what makes true art unique.

BBB: Would you say that the urban landscape of the cosmopolitan city in which you live has aided in your endeavours?

PLD: Toronto has a thriving graffiti scene, superb dankage, beer in teapots, sexy rainbow coloured girls, and Kensington market. We’re like a box of crayons, we got everything you need here.

BBB: Do you feel as if Pardon Le Dopeness can ever plateau or are the options and possibilities endless?

PLD: Like Freddy Krueger, the more of you that believe in us, the stronger we become. Believe in our movement, and let us strip you naked in your dreams. We promise you’ll like it.

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