Video Feature – SOHOE X MOZY. UNC

We had a chance to follow around the incredible SOHOE and MOZY of the Urban Nightmares Crew for an afternoon and got it all recorded. Amazing dudes with even better work. Video after the jump. We hope you enjoy!

SOHOE X MOZY. UNC from Bizarre Beyond-Belief on Vimeo.

  1. CRUSHY said:

    real graffiti writers would never do a tag over someone elses tag

    • CRUSHY said:

      uhh its what you makes when you do a graffiti didn’t you watch the video. . . . .

  2. Snazzy said:

    What? That’s the nature of progress man.

    Dope work guys and great video!

  3. gezus said:

    boring ass video, bridge painting is for chumps.

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