Motorcycle Monday – BMW R80 Cafe Racer

“If you’re into BMW café racers, you probably know the BMW Café blog, run by Dutchman Michiel de Molenaar. This BMW R80 is the bike that originally got Michiel hooked on building and riding old motorcycles, and shows what can be done with a small budget and a lot of inspiration.”…

“(Molenaar) started with a crashed 1988 model, which means it should have a 797 cc version of the classic boxer twin. But the previous owner had changed the original engine for a one-liter motor of unknown provenance. Then the gearbox packed up, so Michiel retro-fitted the transmission and kickstart from an R65—which also allowed him to run a smaller and lighter battery. The exhaust system is home-made, using an old Virago muffler and a one-dollar stainless salad bowl.” – BikeExif

(Full Article)

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