Feature – Outclass Attire

BizarreBeyondBelief: When this company was formed, were you always this heart-and-soul dedicated to Outclass and did you believe that the company would be a viable future option?

Outclass: It started as a hobby and I saw some potential so I kept pushing forward. It got to the point where there was no turning back so I just accepted the responsibility and started taking it very seriously. I never thought it would have been an option for my future to be a clothing designer, but now I see no other option. I have to make clothes.

BBB: With all of the reception and acclaim that you have received. Was this expected, or did it seem to take your life, company and personal endeavours by storm?

OC: I was definitely surprised with the amount of coverage and recognition. the more coverage I get the closer it gets me to my goals, so every email, interview or customer purchase still means a lot to me. It all just encourages me to take this more seriously. The fact that people trust in my product enough to cover it in their publication or buy it for themselves just makes me want to continue to work hard and not disappoint.

BBB: We all know when growing up, trends and fads play an important roll in shaping our future Throughout your adolescent years did you believe that fashion entrepreneurship would be your avocation? 

OC: I always loved clothes as a kid, but I was a thrifty kind of kid. I didnt wear what most did, I always tried to be original with the clothes I wore and stayed away from the norm. I never thought of being an entrepreneur though, the thought never crossed my mind.

BBB: In a society loaded with fashion and social networking sites, blogs and magazines, what is the “Je-ne-sais-quoi” that Outclass holds unlike any other companies on the market?

OC: I would say that it is the connection to reality that Outclass has above larger fashion houses. I am still connected to the streets, and what people are wearing day to day. I take a lot of inspiration from the world around me and bring it into my clothes. I try to make what I see missing on the shelves, and try to create visuals that are authentic and represent a true urban Canadian style.

BBB: Being a Canadian company and more specifically, Toronto, one of the largest multicultural cities in the world. Do you believe there are any articles of clothing that could maintain their significance no matter what the cultural context?

OC: Jeans. Jeans have stretched all economic and social boundaries a million times over. They can now be worn on the ranch or in the office, they can be 30 dollars or 300 dollars. They truly are the most powerful piece of clothing.

BBB: BizarreBeyondBelief: Furthermore, being that you are a Canadian company, is it a difficult task to crack into the international market?

OC: Most definitely. Canada is a very tough market to break out of. You just have to take your time and stay true to the clothes you are making. Don’t change your vision and make quality garments and eventually people with catch on.

BBB: In a world ever-changing and rapidly evolving, do you believe that there are any trends or aspects of fashion that can maintain its timelessness?

OC: Authenticity is timeless. You can’t buy it, you can’t manufacture it, you can only be it.

BBB: How does the northern climate and the urban context play a factor in the creation of your garments?

OC: My clothes are highly influenced by the urban Canadian environment. They are made to be durable, stylish, sophisticated with a rugged touch. They represent the young Canadian professional seeking clothing that can be worn in various environments.

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