Feature – FESTER NWK

BizarreBeyondBelief:The first time I went out (painting)…

FESTER: was a very long time ago and a complete failure! I ended up with more paint on myself than on the wall I was trying to paint! I also vaguely remember being completely fucked up from the paint fumes considering I hadn’t really breathed in spray paint before, haha. I actually just had a random flashback. I remember thinking I was gonna faint from too much paint inhalation, haha. 

BBB:The last thing I’ll ever do again (while painting) is…  

FESTER: Definitely painting while under the influence!

BBB:The strangest experience I had (while painting) was…  

FESTER: Possibly picking up paranormal activity in the night shots we took of our pieces. 

BBB:The most fucked-up thing I saw (painting) was…  

FESTER: What I thought was a stuffed animal in some pet carrying case thing on the side of the road but actually turned out to be an abandoned dead dog. The poor thing was probably only there for a day or two. That was probably one of the most fucked up things that comes to mind. 

BBB: The stupidest thing I’ve done (while painting) was…  

FESTER: Thinking it was a good idea to save taking crappy night shots and returning the next day to discover my shit had already been buffed or gone over (I didn’t learn my lesson the first time and this has happened to me on numerous occasions), haha. Last but not least, the all too famous mistake of putting “rusto” fats on non-rusto cans. Always a terrible idea, especially in the winter! Cold Fingaz @ hotmail dot com! 

BBB: The scariest thing I’ve witnessed (while painting) was…

FESTER: Unfortunately coming across a half buried human head in a garbage bag on a slope behind a piece I was painting along the tracks. No joke! I was backing up to check my piece out when I glanced down to discover what I believed to be human teeth. I then took a closer look and to my astonishment noticed something awfully similar to an nearly fully decayed human skull. Well, in the end it sure was a human skull and apparently had ties to organized crime as well! I just wish I could find some money or jewelry or something worthwhile for a change! Too many bodies and dead shit! 

BBB: The funniest thing that ever happened to me (while painting) was…

FESTER: Painting with my homie (Yaro1) at some layup on the side of a mountain back in 97 when a couple joggers came out of nowhere and scared the shit out of us. We decided it would be a better idea to boogy up the rocky mountain face beside the freights we were painting instead of facing the potentially hostile joggers. Well, the end result was that when we were scurrying up the extremely dangerous mountainside we had already been noticed and we nearly caused a serious rock-slide. One gigantic boulder almost took out one of the joggers down below and ended up plowing into the same freight I was painting! Haha! The joggers actually called out to us and warned us to come down from the mountainside and avoid getting spotted by law enforcement. That was it…Nothing more…Just a friendly heads up! Haha! 

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