Feature – EKWAL 32

BizarreBeyondBelief: The first time I went out (painting)…

EKWAL: I was skateboarding at the time and me and my buddies stole a few cans from home hardware. I think back then I wrote Kats but I ended up changing my name another 50s time before settling. The first time I ever painted a piece I had no idea what I was doing. I did my outline first the filled it in like it was a paper sketch. I used to listen to a lot of gangster rap back then so most shit was always about weed and guns ‘n’ shit. Thanks god I grew out of that phase. I have to say when I started painting graffiti I had no idea about the culture and I just did whatever I felt like, so it helped me develop an experimental style and now i don’t have a problem breaking the rules of graffiti and trying new things.

BBB: The most fucked-up thing I saw (painting) was…

EKWAL: I have seen a few fucked-up things while painting, mostly drunk assholes. When going to, or leaving a bridge I always feel like I’m gonna find a dead body or some other weird shit. One time while leaving a spot I noticed some bones right next to the entrance of this spot and when I looked closer I noticed that all the bones were clean and looked to belong to some cat or dog and that the skins were also there and it was clean and looked as if someone had skinned it. I have seen a lot of dead animals while painting but this was different, these looked strange because the skin and bones looked so clean, not like the animal died there. As we walked on we found more. Someone else even left a note in spray paint pointing to a bag full of skins saying, ” what the fuck”. When we left we found another bag of bones and skin. I’m convinced that some crazy fuck left it there as his pre-serial killer dumping ground. It was just to fucked up to think that someone skinned a bunch of cats and dogs then threw away the leftovers for someone to find.

BBB: The funniest thing that ever happened to me (while painting) was…

EKWAL: I was painting this legal wall, and I happened to be on a ladder spot. I was on the top of the ladder when I turned to talk to someone and saw a fat guy behind his fence mowing his lawn in a pink thong. We took turns laughing at the guy and then he noticed us and went inside his house. You never know what you’re gonna see when you get on top of a ladder.

BBB: The scariest thing I’ve witnessed (while painting) was…

EKWAL: It was at this old Canadian Tire spot that we had legal for the Junction Arts Festival. I was just finished painting and I saw a crazy car crash where a biker got hit and flew 20 feet and landed on a bunch of jagged rocks. It turned out later that everyone involved in the crash died. It was all because some guy was drunk and lost control. I think four people died, and now I don’t like biking around that spot. A lot of crazy shit happened at that spot, some guy got beat down with chairs and threw paint all over the wall, people dropped hollows all over the inside and I got my paint robbed.

BBB: The stupidest thing I’ve done (while painting) was…

EKWAL: One time I had this piece of shit can of neon yellow that didn’t work for shit. I didn’t want to take it home and I wasn’t going to use it. If I left it at the spot some kid would probably write all over everyones shit. I decided to pop the can with a rock. Well, the rock I grab was probably too big and I was definitely too close. When I threw the rock at the can instead of popping a hole it exploded in my face. I was lucky because the can flew 30 feet in the opposite direction, but I did get covered head to toe in shit neon yellow paint.

BBB: The strangest experience I had (while painting) was…

EKWAL: I had a really strange experience painting in China. The graffiti scene in China is very different from Canada, and the public still does not understand it. One day i was painting with some locals and my Canadian buddy at this ghetto neighbourhood that was being torn down. Most of the time if a building is abandoned or going to be torn down it is okay to paint even if people can see you. The cops and security don’t care sometimes they wont let you inside the building but the outside is always fine. This time we all split up to paint different walls. My buddy from Canada was around the corner from me so I couldn’t see him. When i was almost finished he walked around the corner and said we should go. I asked him why, and he told me some guy was taking his picture and telling him he was calling the police. My friend was not in China on a work visa so he couldn’t get arrested or he’d be kicked out of the country. But our local friends weren’t scared and wanted to fuck with the guy so they got in his face and took his picture. Then the guy left and came back with his buddies, and they were looking to fight. My buddy was worried cause he couldn’t get in any shit, and I’m no fighter. One of our Chinese buddies was a kung fu freak, and the other guy had an extendo, so they weren’t worried. They went to talk to the guy and his friends, and I seriously thought we were going to have to fight them but then our friends walked back and said everything was okay. I thought the guy was pissed because we were painting up his old neighbourhood, but it turned out he thought that we were same people that painted some ghost and demon characters on another wall in the spot. Chinese people are very superstitious and he thought we we go to bring some bad “mojo” to his neighbourhood. In the end it was all good, but for a bit I thought we were fucked. You gotta watch out what you paint in China because you might get into some shit. Not the kind of place you want to make political statements.

BBB: The last thing I’ll ever do again (while painting) is…

EKWAL: I will never stand on ice and paint unless it is -10 C for at least a week. When I was a little toy I fell in a frozen river in the middle of winter. The only reason I was ok was that my friend lived really close to where i fell in, and he helped me out. If it wasn’t for him I would have been fucked.

One thought on “Feature – EKWAL 32

  1. Wow that river thing happened to me..

    I was messing around on the Ice and fell in St lawrence I was actually stuck under the ice but my friend spotted me and broke the ice i was under and he fell too we were kinda fucked but the water pushed us on the land ;o

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