Feature – GOMER

Here’s a feature from the second issue with the amazing French graffiti-artist GOMER.

BizarreBeyondBelief: The first time I went out (painting)…

GOMER: I was seventeen and I had to sneak out from my parents place without waking them up. In order to accomplish that, I had to jump in our garden and cross the neighbours garden to reach the street. And our lovely neighbours had (at that time) a huge and scary doberman. The first time it took me fifteen minutes to cross a ten meter long garden. I was so scared of confronting the dog in the pitch black, I was stopping at every step to listen if the dog was close. I actually never faced him at night because he was probably sleeping inside. It always scared me to death to cross that garden, but the urge of going out was stronger. So the streets were actually the easy part for me at that time, the scariest thing in bombing was the dog and because I had to cross the same garden on my way back also.

BBB: The most fucked-up thing I saw (painting) was…

GOMER: Cops beating the shit out of one of my handcuffed friend’s, asking him where I was and breaking two of his ribs, while i was hiding ten meters away in some bushes across train tracks. Once the (cops) understood he wouldn’t say shit, they hid in the same bushes as I was already, waiting for me to come back. I stayed for eight hours in those bushes without moving a muscle. They left with the first morning lights….

BBB: The funniest thing that ever happened to me (while painting) was…

GOMER: Trying to leave a train yard in Milan through a park, without disturbing a couple having sex in the grass close to where we were supposed to land from jumping the fenced-wall outside of the yard. Then I saw my friend slipping off the wall, falling with all cans also falling in every different direction. Then the couple realized they were not alone, but out of nowhere here it is 7 strong, masked guys, with sticks and batons in their hands and this guy trying to hide his dick, pants on his feet and my mate laughing to death while trying to grab all his cans in the grass. Hilarious.

BBB: The scariest thing I’ve witnessed (while painting) was…

GOMER: One of my friend’s disappearing in front of me, while walking at night on train tracks. He fell in a 2-meter-deep hole and instantly disappeared from my sight while I was looking elsewhere for a second. I was really scared because in just one second he disappeared and we were in the middle of nowhere, just grass everywhere. it took me a minute to see the hole. He was silent as he was a bit shocked and dizzy…but safe…and we had already finished painting, so it was all fine.

BBB: The stupidest thing I’ve done (while painting) was…

GOMER: Trusting the person next to me.

BBB: The strangest experience I had (while painting) was…

GOMER:A night owl doing the look out for me and my friends while painting a train. I always tell this story. The owl would always stop “singing” ten seconds before a car would cross the tracks close to where we were painting…so we always would duck and hide when the “music” stopped and waited for the car (to pass) and then would resume painting. Magic.

BBB: The last thing I’ll ever do again (while painting) is not having a shit before going out…

GOMER: Hahaha. You never know when will be your next chance to take a proper dump…haha.

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