Feature – 2TONE

BizarreBeyondBelief: The first time I went out (painting)…

2TONE: I’m sure it was in 1995. With my bro Wham, some back of the factories type deal. I wrote ‘suicide’, which was the shitest name. We taxed the paint from a local model shop, what can I say it was toy but a rush nonetheless. Good times, it was like getting drunk or stoned for the first time. Instant high!

BBB: The most fucked-up thing I saw (painting) was…

2TONE: Seeing my mates head getting smashed into concrete repeatedly.

BBB: The funniest thing that ever happened to me (while painting) was…

2TONE: In 2000ish, motorway bombing with a large group, we were spotted by workers and cops. We all scrambled up a large cliff and scaled a huge tennis court fence. One of the bro’s lost his footing and bailed down the cliff to the feet of the cops. Must have been a good 10m fall. Luckily he wasn’t seriously hurt, we stashed all the cans in someones backyard. (Must have been weird to walk out into your backyard and discover a gang of empty spraycans), we chilled out for a good while before walking up some back streets. Anyway we decided to split up to look less suspicious. We planned to duck cars and hide in peoples driveways as they approached as we knew the cops would still be looking for us. The first driveway we went down the car we were avoiding turned right into the same driveway. Fuck. The owners of the house had arrived home, 2 muscle-bound body builder type guys jumped out of the car and yelled ‘you try’s rob our house eh cunt!’, I’ve never ran so hard as that night, we were off down the street with these arse-holes in tow. Security was called and soon they joined the chase. We managed to give all of them the slip and get a taxi home. I guess the funniest thing was seeing our mate fall down the cliff, in hindsight it was terrible but it seemed really amusing at the time.

BBB: The scariest thing I’ve witnessed (while painting) was…

2TONE: I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything I’d describe as scary while painting.

BBB: The stupidest thing I’ve done (while painting) was…

2TONE: I don’t do stupid things when I’m painting. I don’t want to get busted so I keep as low-key as possible. It’s best not to draw attention to yourself.

BBB: The strangest experience I had (while painting) was…

2TONE: Painting illegal trackside walls 10 deep during the day and getting away with it numerous times.

BBB: The last thing I’ll ever do again (while painting) is…

2TONE: Smoke weed, it just does not agree with me. Paranoia and painting utter piles of shit. I’d rather paint drunk, get my ciders on boy!

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