Feature: CA Crew Interview

We haven’t done one of these in a while and we’re stupid for not doing so. We post up a lot of things that we find throughout the internet and that will undoubtedly never stop. However, we pride ourselves on not being just a blog, we are a magazine as well and we have a lot of our own content and we want to share that with you. We know the mag is long and sometimes it’s easy to just flip through and miss out on the article. So, here’s an excerpt from the 4th issue with one of our favourite crews ever, The CA CREW from Montreal.

When did the CA Crew first form, who were its original members and who were then added throughout the years?

The founding members of Crazy Apes were Lith and Beta.

When CA first formed how did the approach to graffiti differ from that of the rest of the city?

CA started not to change the game but to explore what we had always appreciated; productions. We love all aspects of graffiti but there was something special about productions. Maybe it was because of the complexities and size we could explore.

Since the crew formed how have you found the evolution of the graffiti landscape in not only Montreal, but also in Canada as a whole?

Since then, we find the newcomers to have a lot more skill then when we started. I think it might because of the age of the interwebs. Everything is so easily accessible now. You can discover new styles from across the globe in one single click… or scroll.

How would you style the graffiti lifestyle in Quebec as opposed to the rest of Canada?

We’re from Montreal so I can really only speak for this one particular place. Montreal, to me, is a bombing city, always has been. I guess because it’s a big Metropolitan and same goes Toronto. But I’m sure it’s different where ever you are in Canada.

Recently, Montreal has begun to truly enforce the “buff” and declare a “war” on graffiti like so many other cities, how would you describe the current state of graffiti in the city?

The “buff” is a funny word. The war is on but honestly, we don’t see any difference from now and 4 years ago. They’re gonna keep buffing but they’re gonna right back. It’s an never ending story. *cue music

Montreal’s so well known for being the bombing capital of Canada, do guys you feel that with this “war” on graffiti that there will be a larger shift to murals and productions?

People will bomb no matter what. They’re not scared. There are new minors painting everyday hahaha.

Considering graffiti is a worldwide movement, how well would you say Canadian graffiti writers fair in comparison to the rest of the globe?

Good question. Of course Canadian writers can fair against the rest of the world! I think Canada has some of the world’s best graffiti writers. This country is very big, so in that sense we can offer differently styles from all over.

It’s evident that your crew paints loads of massive walls, what is it about productions that motivates you to paint them as opposed to quicker spots?

We like how elaborate it can get. The challenge of using a big space properly and using the colours that we never thought could go together. But at the end of the day, I think we just like to do productions because we can just chill with our friends all day.

Where do you see graffiti going in the next 10 years? Has it reach a standstill or is it constantly improving?

Graffiti is definitely not at a standstill. It will always keep improving because you never know, some crazy kook can come up with something completely amazing on any given day. With people like Roids MSK and Zoer CSX, to name a few, who are pushing the boundaries every time they paint. That’s really inspiring for us to keep going and searching for new flows.

Do you feel as if graffiti will ever be accepted as highly regarded as mediums such as sculpture or photography?

Graffiti IS accepted as a higher art medium these days. I believe in the future, graffiti history will be taught in universities like they do Post-Modernist art or what have you.

Where does the crew see itself in 2020?

With a kid on one arm and a can of spraypaint in the other at the wall with our friends. I don’t see it any other way.

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