Feature – Block By Block Ink

If you haven’t gone through the 4th issue there was a lot of great content. Here we are bringing out an excerpt from the main man at Block By Block Ink, SIZEO. He’s got a lot of great things to say and great photos too boot.

Bizarre Beyond Belief: When the company first formed, who were the masterminds behind the creation of Block by Block?

Block by Block: It’s been just under two years since we first started out…..I wouldn’t ever call myself a master mind, my name is Sizeo.

BBB: Block by Block has been a couple years in the making, can you describe some of the obstacles that you had to overcome over that time to get to where you are now?

BxB: It’s been one of those two steps forward projects, at times giving up seemed like the right move! Some of the major obstacles have been minimum orders; supplier bankruptcy and soooommmmeeee legal issues…. Being a stubborn motherfucker has paid off! Saving every cent to make the minimum orders and just stay diligent and basically harassing suppliers has gotten us to the point that we are now…..it’s still a learning process.

BBB: How much, and what sort of research did you have to go through in order to get the product to when you felt it was ready to sell?

BxB: Sending samples and ordering samples from suppliers was one of the hardest parts of the research. It took almost two years of back and fourth with people all over the world until we found some one willing to listen. So many people just shrugged it off, even had some one tell me to flat out “fuck off”!!!! Any time a sample came it, it was off to the streets, tagging different metals, with different exposures. Trying to buff it with different cleaners, tagging over it with other inks etc…..It was a pain in the ass, almost gave up more then once!

BBB: On that note, were there a number of formulas that you had to go through and tinker with until it became the serum it is today?

BxB: Ya!!!! shit tons of ass samples sitting around the studio! If something came in and wasn’t up to par, we’d add things to it, send it back and if they could match it…we’d talk further, if they were dicks about it….done,we cut ties!!! A few samples that were the be all end all of all graffiti inks, but they didn’t make the cut due to cost.



BBB: Clearly investing blood, sweat, tears is excruciating on the body how much of a strain has it been on your physical and mental state?

BxB: It would be a flat out lie to say this hasn’t had some effect on my overall health, not sleeping, extreme exposure to solvents, beyond any measure of graffiti writing has lead to a lot of stress related illness over the last two years! Dealing with graffiti writers on a business level is enough to make anyone fucking crazy, a slight change in my abilities to deal with the bullshit that comes with graffiti writers has come to the surface!

BBB: Furthermore, because it takes more than just that, it takes time and money, how much has your financial situation been affected by the company?


I’ve made ZERO PROFIT from Block. All of the profit has had to go back into the business to cover the expense of expanding the colour and product line! The start up capital came from my hard work as a productive member of society working 80-100 hours a fucking week……Nothing is worse then a lazy hater…if you want something get out there and fucking earn it!

BBB: How much of your laundry and home is covered in Block by Block Ink? Has there been any mishaps?

BxB: There is ink on EVERYTHING I own, my studio space is FUCKED.

Came in to possession of a purple label button down on a fluke, was about to jump a flight out west and was getting my samples ready….closed a cap on a bottle and sprayed my brand new fucking shirt with black splatter! Ruined some banger one off Nikes….you name it, I’ve ruined it!

BBB: Creating not only a scientific fluid, but a business itself is a completely stressful and daunting task. What finally made you decide to pursue this journey to its fullest extent?

BxB: With out sounding like a douche, it was for everyone involved in the grind. After all of the research, it just seemed right to meet the demand for product for the writers and the shops that’s out at FAIR MARKET VALUE!

BBB: And when you decided, this pursuit was going to go full fledged, did you believe that it would get this massive so quickly?

BxB: The support we’ve received has been crazy! If I hooked up some ink to my close friends for a bit and got bored and packed it in I would have been ok with it, so this is unexpected to say the least!

BBB: Now that the marker is fully launched and receiving much praise throughout the streets and the internet, have you heard much, if any, backlash by authorities or “heroes”?

BxB: I’ve heard through some odd grapevines that some people involved in law enforcement are slightly annoyed…..but for the most part ,all I’ve heard are jealous pussies talking shit online….it’s nothing new really!

BBB: Have you ever been out and seen a writer bombing or just noticing a tag that’s done in your ink and if so, what was going through your mind at the time?

BxB: All the time, I’m so appreciative when I see it! I get so fucking amped to see people killing shit with Block, I see who’s putting in work! I’ll break you off when cross paths for sure!

BBB: As a Canadian product company do you feel as if it’s more of a struggle to get your product into shops of countries south of the border or overseas?

BxB: It’s a new product so a lot of samples are sent out, for the most part people are pretty open minded and welcome us with open arms…theres a been a few ignant assholes that pull some “Canada ehhhhh” shit…but fuck them.

BBB: Do you feel as this is just the beginning for Block By Block or are there plans to expand into different vandal products beyond inks and markers?

BxB: Block is definitely in it’s infant stages. Having paint of Europen quality made here in North America would be amazing….but it’s very far off . So staying on the grind and bringing out different styles of pen and colours will be the hustle right now!

BBB: And finally are there any plugs, shout outs or general commentary you want to express before we sign off?

Thank you to EVERYONE that’s supported Block, it means a lot to me and everyone involved….With out you we wouldn’t be here. Thanks to Beyond Bizarre Believe for the letting me talk shit! PLEASE peep our website,and some of our homies!!!

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