Writing Wednesday – David Dean “CASA DE LA MUSICA”

Writing Wednesday is back with a fantastic short story from our man David Ace Dean. Always insightful and always leaving you wanting more.



A mid-50’s German, definite sex tourist,
comes into the bar, and sits down beside me.

He orders a rum,
and a shrimp Cocktail.

“Ent, eyezvil haf, za shreemp, cock-tail.”

He has to say this twice,
before the aproned bartender
understands what he’s saying.

And I picture this man,
talking to young Cuban girls,
in the middle of a street
dowsed purple in the light,
spilling with the sounds
from the Casa de la Musica.

And there I am watching,
balanced against a fence,
dipping my hotel key
in a small bag of Borax.

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