Feature – MEOR UNC, FB, PBW, RIP

From our 5th Issue we’ve got an excerpt of MEOR of the UNC, PBW, FB and RIP Crews. He’s damn funny and an even better friend. You’ll love this interview.

BBB: The first time I went out (painting)…

MEOR: The First Time… is definitely LOST IN TIME…
But…I think the first time I can remember going out painting was one particular night, possibly shrouded in an evening fog and blessed by the Gods of graff because I was being so fucking stupid.. I had 2 colors: Black and White… and I had not a clue what to do. I was a young suburbanite back then, not having the slightest idea as to the methods involved in producing proper graffiti or even notion of the simplest techniques used by most. Techniques like ”spraying using a side to side” motion or ”filling in” before outlining and such…these eggs had not even began to gestate within my mind during those early, chaotic evening endeavors. I remember one evening, krylon in bag, running amok like a mad child amidst a LARGE school property/area which encompassed several sports fields and a large school and little structures here and there, ripe for the bombing. Not a soul in sight, I set my sights on my first wall. What to do…what to do…PAINT A HUGE LETTER ”E” !!! I think i just outlined a stock tip ”E”, block styled, as high as I could reach and then started filling in like a spirograph in white. Then, because I felt like a creative turkey and got my juices flowing in my mind’s oven, I got to spraying a spray can character with a misty cloud creeping around the “E”. And then I ran to another wall, all wild eyed and began painting a moon with clouds and shit…and then I ran to another wall and couldn’t stop. Unusual amount of risk for a spot like that but the first times are the most innocent times and they capture what graffiti is really about. Part of that inherently gets lost over time, I think but makes way for a new type of appreciation. A more rational one, but still…

BBB: The most fucked-up thing I saw (painting) was…

MEOR: Everyone has stories of dead bodies and junkies making nuclear bombs with coffee mugs and bubble tape under bridges, eating babies and getting kidnapped and narrowly escaping rape like some scene from pulp Fiction or something.
Offhand…I’ve encountered odd people while painting but I mean, I don’t recall seeing “fucked up” things. What’s fucked up, anyways?! I’ve seen strippers getting changed while going down staircases in back alleyways. Is that fucked up? Not really. Is seeing a junkie shoot up, fucked up? Probably, but most writters tend to expose themselves to such disturbing visuals anyways so I mean, the most fucked up thing you see as a graffiti writter tends to be other graffiti writters! Sometimes. I saw a small ankle biter-type dog get crushed by a CN engine once. Then a complete stranger walked up to the old woman who had *stupidly* let her dog loose by train tracks, and hugged her. Is that fucked up? Yes. then it became heartwarming, therefore annuling most of the fucked up side of it. Is lying to cops fucked up? Is running away from cops fucked up? Saw a guy cracking his huge whips in a field once, that was fucked up. I once saw this guy Deth at a wall. That was fucked up, too. This is a tough question.

BBB: The funniest thing that ever happened to me (while painting) was…

MEOR: Funny and painting don’t always go hand in hand. I refer to graff as “serious fun”. Not usually funny,
I think most of my funny things happen before and after painting. Makes me sound like a graffiti Grinch, but that’s the way she goes. Painting in Toronto is always funny enough.

BBB: The scariest thing I’ve witnessed (while painting) was…

MEOR: Almost being hit by a German ICE train. High speed trains with sound-absorbing padding around the tracks. I heard: MOVE. and I moved. if not…no more MEOR. Unfortunately, it was not the only time a train almost claimed me. I was benching flicks of a train in Montreal. 3 lines of tracks. One side of the those 3 lines had a fence a few feet away from the first track. I was on the fenced side taking flicks while someone else caught the other side of the train. Then, on the innermost track where I was flicking, I heard a horn blow and it was a Via coming around the bend. I hugged the fence as close as I could and the train went whizzing by about 4 feet from me or less? Very stupid.
That same VIA line would claim the lives of many, within a few short years.

BBB: The stupidest thing I’ve done (while painting) was…

See previous question.

BBB: The strangest experience I had (while painting) was…

Every time going out painting can be strange! It’s not complicated: You are going out to vandalize, however artistically or not, someone else’s property. That, in ITSELF, is usually considereed strange by most of Earth’s population. Weird times are like having a dude step around the corner where you’re bombing and say:
Hey, what’s up….Is that Krylon i smell?
Then, you recognize the guy and go: OH, WHAT’S UP,GUY !? But like, seriously, dude, don’t make any noise
or like having an Indian guy pull up behind me while I’m doing a spot, a “safe” styled day spot on a small abandoned building and just stare at me painting. He’s got a serious mark on his forehead like when Joe Pesci got hit with that iron in Home alone and he’s rocking deep black shades over his eyes. I eventually have no choice but to interact with him to see what’s up and he tells me something like this- i’m painting in chrome:

Dude: In canada, you don’t have nice animals…Nothing special here. No.
Why don’t you paint an elephant on the wall?!

Me: I’d love to paint an elephant,dude! I don’t have any grey though…We have deer and stuff, they have antlers…that’s pretty cool, no?

*The dude takes off his glasses to reveal the most fucked up, yellow eyes I’ve ever seen.

Dude: No, it’s not very special….

BBB: The last thing I’ll ever do again (while painting) is…

Is this a time travel question?

*5 minutes goes by, staring at this question*
*10 minutes goes by…*

O’brien, quick ! Release the chemicite in the after hangar bay to cause a cascade reaction, scealing us outside of this interview!

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