Writing Wednesday – Dave Dean “Everything Reminds Me Of Her”

We’re back again with Writing Wednesday and yet again with another Dave Dean special. This beautiful short story is entitled “Everything Reminds Me Of Her”. The photograph is another beauty by Warren Haas.


My neighbour was cursing his dogs in bloody coughs and hollers.
The door slammed, it’s ripped screen and empty panes
shivered up the wall and into my broken bed frame.

“Nero! …


Out of breath, he spluttered and hacked and his cane touched the concrete
cracks in the laneway.

He moaned… lowly,

“Goddamnit …

fucking bitch.”

then steadied himself, putting his palm on the bricks.

Nero is a small male, black and white Chihuahua –
Who takes shits in the shade of two plants of marijuana.


Sixteenth notes if a regular dog’s paws are quarters,
Nero scampered up the laneway passing Old Man Gennaro.

An inaudible yell came with the slam of the door
and a robin’s feet scratched the gutter as it flew from the roof.

6:28, I rolled over, beating the 6:30 alarm
then turned the switch of my clock radio on.

The song sounded familiar, which was kind of surprising.
CBC Morning North is usually only playing
some Sudbury recorded EP
by a local 20-something.

(Dreams of the leap from a Main Street cafe,
outskirt country bar,
and onto Queen West or Nashville.)

The spin of the earth impaled the silhouette
of the sun on the steeple

and I’ve gotta hear the same sermon all the time now
from you people

I wasn’t hungover, I didn’t feel guilty,
I was at ease with all the people
I’ve managed to make hate me.

Just because you came across it
And lost it,

everything reminds me of her.

I don’t smile that often when I listen to Elliott Smith,
but waddled to the kitchen, thinking,
“I’m thinking of no one.”

I could smell morning cigarettes coming up through the vents
as the song faded, and Markus Schwabe chimed in,

“Elliott Smith, Everything Reminds Me of Her,
and that was requested by…
reminding everyone in the New Liskeard area
that Temiskaming District Secondary School’s
talent night goes tonight, where you’ll hear that song,
along with many other musical and all around talented acts.

And we’ve got local news and weather coming up with Megan Thomas,
Megan, what can you tell us?”

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