Jose di Gregorio – TrA

TrA holds the essence of a planetarium and a mandala. This fall, Jose Di Gregorio took his young children to the planetarium at the Lawrence Hall Of Science in Berkeley, CA. While constellations may seem like nothing more than memory aids to distinguish particular stars, they also remind us how small we are in the universe and that this is part of what makes us important to each other. One constellation in particular caught DiGregorio’s attention, the small Triangulum Australe (TrA) in the southern sky. To create a mandala with the constellation, TrA uses the principles of the Net of Indra. It stretches out infinitely in all directions and is associated with the motionless timeless center of the universe. To illustrate theses concepts of emptiness, as well as interpenetration, ten circles that form a density in its design. TrA serves as the equilateral triangle increasingly obscured within the circles.


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