Writing Wednesday – Summer Traps “Summer Traps”

As we said before, Dave Dean has been working on his new album “Summer Traps” and is set to release very soon. We here at Bizarre Beyond Belief are aiding as much as we can in this project in regards to the album’s visuals and being a platform to help release it to the public. In other words, as promised, here’s a new fantastic ballad coming from the new album Sumer Traps with the song having the same name. Lyrics to accompany the song after the jump.




Can’t move my feet,
can’t wait to leave,
can’t even see
the end of the street.

Trying to stare
into the mirror
long enough
that I’ll disappear.

Debt and my fees,
can’t move my knees
down to Florida,
get into the keys.

Trying my hand,
trying to cut,
just enough
that I’ll combust.

Summer traps.

Heat of the sun
is making me numb,
I don’t feel young,
a punctured lung.

Trying to say
‘escape, escape’
until I

Summer traps.

Stale cologne
by the old home
of Holly Jones
year after year.

Debt and my fees
can’t bend my knees
can’t even see
the end of the street.

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