Writing Wednesday – Summer Traps “Percocets Prevent Alzheimer’s”

We know it’s been sometime, but business grabs hold of us all. However, we’re proud to be back with another sweet ballad from our man Dave Dean for his Summer Traps album. This beauty entitled “Percocets Prevent Alzheimer’s”. Music and words after the click.




Off on your old
arthritic knees,
three surgeries.

A smoking silhouette
in a light you never cared for;
being admired
or diagnosed with some disorder.

Reminded of the mines
incandescent lights,
stomach ulcers
that your wife still suffers.

Into pallid air
of your vanishing,
like flushed medication
someone claims they’ve been taking.

Half formed words,
just speaking letters,
prevent alzheimers.

It’s only September
but it’s close to freezing
when the light starts fading
around six in the evening.

Settled in a town,
a ‘Gateway to the North’
a basement apartment
out by the local airport.

Discarded false teeth,
half a conversation
with yourself confirming
that you’ve been a good person.

Tracing fingerprints
over shapes of shadows,
imagining her shoulders
in streetlight through the windows.

Half formed words,
just speaking letters,
prevent alzheimers

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