Mark Lyken and Moneyless – Forms and Spaces Italia

Recoat Gallery presents ‘Forms and Spaces Italia’, a collaborative mural project between Scotland’s Mark Lyken and Italy’s Moneyless. Recoat brought together these two leading artists from the Graffuturism movement and travelled with Lyken to Moneyless’ home town of Lucca to create a collection of site specific installations over a period of seven days. Award-winning film-maker Emma Dove joined the team to document the project which will be released as a short film in 2014. Forms and Spaces began in May 2012 with Moneyless visiting Scotland to work with Lyken in the creation of a series of temporary installations that re-valued abandoned spaces around Glasgow. The works were intricate and vibrant, a beguiling mix of flat and 3D mark-making and interwoven styles. Earlier this year, the pair were invited by The Legacy List to participate in the acclaimed Canals Project in London where they created a beautiful large scale mural. To mark the occasion and raise project funds Moneyless and Lyken created a very special limited edition collaborative artwork. All proceeds from the sales went towards funding Forms and Spaces Italia.





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