Trevor Wheatley – “A Return Where” @ Hashtag Gallery

In his first solo show since graduating at Concordia University in Montreal, contemporary and street artist Trevor Wheatley is triumphantly embedding himself into the artistic weave of Toronto with A Return Where. Among his impressive range of current projects, including collaborations with Tokyo Police Club, Stussy, and NXNE – Wheatley has produced an incredible body of work ready to show at #Hashtag Gallery.



Toronto has no lack of talent, and Wheatley is a perfect example of the unique work being produced in this city. Touching on the nature of graphic language, symbolism in media, and corporate identity Wheatley examines the purely aesthetic elements of brand design. The contrast of image and context is wildly relevant in A Return Where, considering well-known images of iconography and their place in our world.

Wheatley takes an introspective look into the urban structures that command our attention. Sure to inspire and enlighten, Wheatley engages your comfort zone and tweaks your perspective.

A Return Where opens May 16th at
#Hashtag Gallery
801 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON


wheatley.trevor_PortfolioImages_Edited_MTLInstall_4_1350x900_RGB copy

wheatley.trevor_PortfolioImages_Edited_Nike_3_72DPI_1200x800 copy

wheatley.trevor_SCUL_InfinityS_JPG_Edited_2_72DPI_1200x1800_RGB copy

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