Fresh Paint x Le Centre Culturel de Montréal nord – FRESH PAINT / FRAIS PEINT

The Fresh Paint Gallery and the cultural center of Montreal North has teamed to for a collaboration exhibition where the forecourt of cultural center will be completely refurbished by a number artists being part of the exhibition. Artists such as Isaac Holland, MonstR, HoarKor, Adida Fallen Angel, MissMe, Carolina Espinosa, Gawd, Mc Baldassari and former interviewee Mister XRay will be given a chance to transform a space for viewers to see. The show runs until September 19th so use this last week to get over there. Attached is the flyer (in French) with a translation below.

Info Expo Fresh Paint VF header

Info Expo Fresh Paint VF


OPENING: Thursday, September 11, from 17 am to 19 pm

Cultural and Community House in Montreal North has, from September 11 to October 19, 2014, the exhibition FRESH PAINT / FRESH PAINT.

Proposed by the Fresh Paint Gallery / Fresh Painted, this exhibition brings to the foreground the artists who marked the project since its inception in August 2011.

Strongly influenced by graffiti and street art movements, artists remain true to these cultures present works great and small format, pop aesthetic. They use unusual materials and a variety of mediums to express their pictorial language.

The exposure of cultural and community room house welcomes new emerging artists with a unique language. They call XRay, Isaac Holland, MonstRs, HoarKor, Adida Fallen Angel, missme, Carolina Espinosa, Gawd and Mc Baldassari. They are inspired by the hip-hop culture and that of the street, taken from different cultures and symbols of everyday objects. They are in their art a sense of community and strong voice, color and passion.

The exhibition FRESH PAINT / FRESH PAINT is held both indoors and outdoors. Indeed, the court of the Cultural and Community House provides support for the creation of a celebrating the neighborhood and its residents ephemeral work, a mural … the ground!

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