Vandana Jain – Dazzle

“‘Dazzle’ is a wall-based tape installation executed in the style of WWI naval camouflage. To confuse the enemy’s attempts to determine the size, speed, and direction of a ship, it was painted in intersecting graphic patterns, often in bold colors. With the invention of sonar, such visual based camouflage fell into disuse. For this installation at Smack Mellon, I continued my exploration of dazzle camouflage applied to corporate logos, covering the entire gallery in brightly colored tape laid out in an array of disorienting patterns that obscure and delineate the graphic symbols. The logos are chosen for their reliance on a generic, almost pictographic language. Even though some of these logos are easily recognizable, and the styles range from minimalist to folk, they all share an aesthetic that speaks to a language beyond the individual brands.” – Vandana Jain


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