BBB x Fresh Paint x Under Pressure – “Out For Fame” @ Goodfellas Gallery

Alongside our pals over at Fresh Paint Gallery and the Under Pressure Festival in Montreal, we are proud to announce that the traveling exhibition “Out For Fame” will be shown next month in Toronto. The graffiti inspired typography exhibition features an eclectic mix of artists from all over the globe and will be on display at Goodfellas Gallery in Parkdale. Much more information and promo pics after the jump!


Out For Fame is a collection of artwork from all 5 continents which mobilizes the international graffiti community. The show is truly a tribute to the graffiti movement and its contributors. The exhibition puts aside differences between artists to focus on a common interest; lettering.

For over thirty years, this movement has seen a lot of worldwide contributions to its evolution. Over time, graffiti has spread across the world to new scenes in the farthest corners of the planet. For this reason, Out For Fame is looking to mobilize different generations and world regions from its contributors, celebrating the architects of the movement as much as the newcomers. One of the most important aspects of the project is its itinerancy. The show’s collection moves around the world to exhibit the work of the global community who makes the project a reality.

Each piece in the exhibition has the same dimensions (50cm x 70cm) and bares the same slogan “Out For Fame.” However, each artist’s piece can be written in any style and on any type of paper. The aesthetic diversity is an essential part of the exhibition, for it allows reflection on the variety of styles in the streets as well as the evolution of writers’ creative process. From tattoos to illustration, from graphic design to sculpture, many artists have opened up to new creative processes while keeping graffiti in their DNA. All participants distinguish their own with their individual influences.

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