Miss Van x Nuria Mora – Works on Paper

As the inaugural exhibition for ARTGANG gallery, we present to you an exhibit featuring paper works from two important artists who have made their name in the streets and also have a strong studio practice, Miss Van and Nuria Mora.






Miss Van is a name that is known throughout the street art world as one of the pioneering female figures in this scene. Originally from Toulouse now residing in Barcelona, Miss Van’s work is iconic. She has exhibited extensively for decades in Europe, USA and Asia. Her work is renowned for its figurative representations of women known as the poupées (dolls). These female figures are strong, sexy but can also be melancholy, sad and determined. They have their own personalities and emotional complexity. Miss Van has chosen to rebel against male supremacy by exhibiting her femininity in a raw and unabridged manner. She paints to represent herself rather than all women. Her strong lines render fine subtleties and sensuality in her work. Miss Van has evolved with her work becoming more complex as the years pass. She has created a body of work that is recognized worldwide and represents a strong feminine point of view, which continues to create a conversation and break barriers.

Nuria Mora is based in Madrid and is known for her work with geometric patterns, abstraction and color. She originally comes from a fine arts background but started working on the street because of its direct communication to the public and the experimentation it allowed her to do with her visual language. Nuria’s motif – the key (La Llave) is the starting point of her abstractions. Her motivation is to invite reflection and calm and also to give value to the surface or environment she is working in. Her street practice informs her studio practice and vice versa. Constantly experimenting and pushing barriers with her work, Nuria proposes a unique artistic vision that has led her to work on 2D and 3D formats as well as working with textiles and fashion. She is one of Spain’s leading contemporary artists.

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