Dan Quintana – “Diffused” @ Hashimoto SF

Hashimoto Contemporary is proud to present “Diffused”, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Dan Quintana. Comprised of almost a dozen new oil paintings and several charcoal drawings on paper, “Diffused” is a striking display of enraptured imagery executed with mesmerizing skill and detail. Images and more info after the jump!

Known for such muted tones, reoccurring symbolism, and unearthly figurative renderings, Quintana’s work often channels the great Dutch and Flemish masters. Many of his paintings depict a chaotic scene of movement and wonder, circulating around a main manifestation within an Art Deco landscape. Several works in Quintana’s new series feature a cadaverous figure accompanied by a ghost-like horse. This personification of death is brought to life in an alluring haze of smoky pigment by a razor-thin paintbrush. The extensive time spent on each figure is apparent, as their staggering precision grips one’s attention in an instant.

[photos via: beautifuldecay]

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