Justin Guenet – The Blu Book of Ideas [Kickstarter]

One of our closest friends Justin Guenet has recently been in the midst of creating a new illustration book, which is a 34 page spectacular over the course of 2014 and 2015; 8 months to draw in total. He’s now looking for financial support via his KICKSTARTER PAGE to get done and into your hands.


Here’s what he had to say about the book and peep the video below:

“This is possibly my most intense work ever. It’s a complete break away from my previous sci-fi comics.

Essentially, it’s an abstract comic book LOADED with characters, thoughts and ideas ranging from the mundane to the disturbing. It’s silly like Monty Python and serious like an Edgar Allan Poe poem. It’s full of facts, fiction, sarcasm and off-the-wall musings that I’ve collected while at my job in a call centre, reading the news, feeling the burn of day to day life. It’s FULL of references to pop/cartoon culture, witty observations, global concerns and human ramblings we all usually keep to ourselves or at least, to within our closest circle.

This book is illustrated using the purest form of my style and has been left as unfiltered as possible as to allow for maximum flavour with minimal poisoning.”

Don’t forget to DONATE HERE if you can!

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