OverUnder – “My Sentiments Abstractly” @ Athen B Gallery

Oakland based Athen B. Gallery proudly presents “My Sentiments Abstractly” a solo exhibition by Reno based artist OverUnder. Opening reception is this Saturday, November 14th starting at 7pm. More information and images after the jump!


OverUnder’s work explores the relationships people have with the things that can be overlooked. In this exhibition,OverUnder takes notice to the tenacious weed, the abandoned building, the quiet worker, the personal story, to continue his dialogue with public space, and those that struggle to better it.



His textured and tetris esque assemblages of weathered wood and pigment reinterpret the abandonment he seeks for his street art. However these gritty recreations of properties in a state of purgatory become backdrops for his stage of weeds, the story of the past and the heritage we leave behind. With the passing of his father and the birth of his daughter, OverUnder often questions his own legacy and what is important for him to pass on. He continues to explore the stories of others, the relationship between public space and society, while discovering his own story and the mark he will leave behind.





A curatorial focus on process and cross-pollination, Athen B. aims to exhibit unique process driven exhibitions by collaborating artists from different areas. From Urban to Contemporary, our project is dedicated to representing the best of our Bay Area community and our extended family abroad through exhibitions on our walls and the walls of the neighborhood.

To inquire about available works contact:

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