Myneandyours – Print Sale for Amar Foundation

“My friends at Drawdeck and I have released ‘We Bleed As One’ as a print edition tackling the idea of treating humanity as one, and the importance of empathy. We are donating all the proceeds from the remaining sales of the edition in support of AMAR’s work. This is your chance to help be a part of the solution and own a Myneandyours print of your own. We urge you to pick up a print, and help us work towards a peaceful future.” Myneandyours. More info and images after the jump!


The Amar Foundation in collaboration with Myneandyours.

War should never be tolerated, and destructive ideology will never disappear. Long-term stability must derive from the ground up, and we must work towards reducing the attractiveness of joining destructive ideologies. A bomb will never lead to peace and will only exaggerate the desire to retaliate. As an Iraqi myself, and more importantly as a human being I cannot emphasize this enough.


I firmly believe in the work of organisations such as the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, who work towards a peaceful future for the Middle East. They specialize in providing free healthcare, education and emergency aid, delivered from the ground up by local professionals and volunteers. AMAR works in partnership with communities and governments, building their capacity to provide for themselves and live in peace with each other. A peaceful future does not lie in war but in causes like this.


Please visit to purchase your print, and help us to help each other.

Please visit to learn more about their vital work in rebuilding Iraq.

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