Victor Solomon – “Literally Balling” @ Joseph Gross Gallery

The Joseph Gross Gallery is pleased to present LITERALLY BALLING – a collection of new works by Victor Solomon. We invite you to join us for the opening reception Thursday February 25th from 6-9pm. Detailed information and artist statement after the jump!


Literally Balling, Solomon’s first solo exhibition in New York, features six of his signature stained glass basketball backboards. He elegantly balances wit, irony and fastidious craftsmanship in exploration of a host of disparate narratives: the religious devotion to sport, the athlete as modern-day king of court, the proletarian drift of basketball from project pick-up games to newfound cultural heights, even a cautionary comment on the fragility of luxury.



For Solomon, the medium is the message and despite having never had worked with stained glass before, he apprenticed for a year under Bay Area glass masters to realize this process-specific concept. The result is a gorgeous and evocative appropriation of basketball iconography, rendered with an athlete’s discipline: Solomon spends over 100 hours on each piece.



With Literally Balling, Solomon also explores new methods with an adroit harmony between comedy and commentary: gilded basketballs neatly organized in cannonball-style pyramid, trophies cordoned off by velvet rope and a series of jersey’s in re-cut Coogi sweater and chain mail.



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