Erika Lizée – And Yet, Things Continue to Unfold

Erika Lizée is a Los Angeles based artist who recently completed an interior mural installation project entitled “…and yet, things continue to unfold”. Take a look a some more images and artist statement after they jump.

01. Lizée, corner image

“Through my artwork I seek to express the conflicting feelings of wonder and uncertainty that I experience when contemplating the fluid and impermanent nature of reality. In my current installation work, I am interested in representing the relationship between the known and unknown, the visible and invisible, the tangible and intangible. Utilizing illusionistic painting, surfaces of the gallery walls become real and metaphorical dividing lines between the realms of things that do not physically exist, and those that do. Mysterious and abstract elements appear beyond the surface of the wall, while others emerge from this space into the physical realm of the viewer. Trompe l’oeil illusions and sculptural paintings work in conjunction with actual light and shadow to play with the perceptions of the viewer. This creates a transformative experience as perceptions shift with greater understanding of the relationship between artistic materials and exhibition space. The installation serves as a metaphor for the journey of our personal and shared life experiences.” -Erika Lizée

03. Lizée, corner image III

05. Lizée, right wall detail II

07. Lizée, corner detail II

09. Lizée, left wall, detail II

10. Lizée, flower path

13. Lizée, back wall detail

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