Mrzyk & Moriceau – Humorous Illustrations

Mrzyk & Moriceau are an illustration duo who live by the saying “A drawing a day keeps the doctor away.” M&M create hilariously clever illustrations that often poke fun at our social culture and its addictions such as our phones. All drawings are created in with simple contouring and black and white colour palette, which get the point across so effectively.









  1. All of these are in tune with my sense of humor. I might draw them myself. But, I am not quite sure I get the one with the phone starting a fire. What is the thought there? The phone is the greatest thing since fire? Or, it generates enough heat to start a fire (similar to the stove image)?


  2. Perhaps the phones GPS went out of range, so it built a fire to communicate through smoke signals.
    As for the stove, the phone has overflowing information whether it be great or terrible, depending on the type.


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