Tom Herck – The Decline Project

“Decline” is the latest art project by Tom Herck. The 60-ton construction shows a house of cards made of nine concrete play cards and has a scale of thirty five feet high and nineteen and a half feet wide. The construction is literally as big as a house. More images and info after the jump!


The traditional images on the cards are replaced by a selection of historical figures, world leaders and dictators. The selected images and the shape of the cards are being presented as a metaphor for the fragile construction of different political, philosophical and religious views on mankind and worldviews. The used materials and the “concrete walls” then refer to the historical and current political use of walls to ‘shield the indigenous population’ and to protect them for ‘foreign influences’. With these forms, the selected images and the material used, the artwork remind us of the great human suffering that arises from dogma and dictatorship and highlights the need for global cooperation and reconciliation.





Finally, the title of the work (“decay”) arises doubt about whether the house of cards is actually still building up, or if it all of a sudden will collapse into each other. In this matter the artist raises the fundamental question about the possibility of progress and the malleability of society.




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