Pangeaseed – Seawalls: Murals for Oceans [New Zealand]

PangeaSeed Foundation, the international marine conservation organization, is thrilled to announce the conclusion of its inaugural partnership with the Napier City Council, Resene, and Alternative Arts Initiative to create a series of Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in the coastal town of Napier, New Zealand. This international collaboration of concerned organizations and artists took place from March 10-21, 2016, and creatively beautified the surrounding area of Napier, while bringing awareness, collaboration, and inspiration to the community. More images and info after the jump!

meggs phibs
MEGGS & PHIBS – Detail Photo by Miya Tsukazaki

Within the span of five days, 28 large-scale, thought-provoking public murals were realized throughout the Ahuriri and Napier area. Each piece sheds light on New Zealand’s pressing marine environmental issues such as shark finning, overfishing, coastal development, climate change, and endangered marine life conservation, furthering PangeaSeed Foundation’s ARTivism (Art + Activism) initiative.

lauren ys
ELLIOT FRANCIS STEWART – Photo by Magda Coccinella

“The power of public art and activism has the ability to educate and inspire the global community to help save our seas. No matter where you are in the world, the ocean supplies us with every second breath we take and life on Earth cannot exist without healthy oceans. With dwindling global fish stocks, rising sea levels, and widespread pollution, whether you live on the coast or in the city or in the mountains, we should all feel responsible for the health of the oceans and life that lives within it,” says PangeaSeed Foundation Executive Director Tre’ Packard.

cinzah merkins and jason botkin
Cinzah Merkins & Jason Botkin – Photo by Cinzah Merkins

In addition to the realization of these world-class murals, the artists had the opportunity to immerse themselves into and experience the various marine ecosystems of Napier and learn about traditions, culture, and environmental challenges from local experts. Furthermore, a World Oceans Day Hawai‘i film screening of award-winning documentary films took place at the Museum Gallery Theater of Napier, as well as a PangeaSeed ‘Paint for a Purpose’ Artist Panel discussion to educate the community and round out the two-week activation.

christopher konecki
Christopher Konecki – Photo by Derek Hackett

Sea Walls New Zealand featured the following renowned contemporary artists:

Aaron Glasson | New Zealand | @aaronglasson
Amanda Lynn | San Francisco | @alynnpaint
Askew One | New Zealand | @askewone
Carly Ealey | San Diego | @carlyealey
Celeste Byers | San Diego | @celestialterrestial
Charles & Janine Williams | New Zealand | @charlestmd @ladydivatmd
Christie Wright | New Zealand | @christie.wright
Cinzah | New Zealand | @mrcinzah
Christopher Konecki | San Diego | @mrkonecki
Cracked Ink | New Zealand | @crackedink
Dirty Bandits | San Francisco | @dirtybandits
Dside | New Zealand | @_dside
Elliot Francis Stewart | New Zealand | @elliotfrancisstewart
Frank and Mimi | Australia | @frankandmimi
Spencer Keeton Cunningham | San Francisco | @spencerkeetoncunningham
Jason Botkin | Canada | @robotkin
Jonny Alexander | San Diego | @jonnyalexander
Kai’ili Kaulukukui | Hawai‘i | @artworkofkai
Lauren YS | San Francisco | @lolo.ys
MEGGS | Australia | @houseofmeggs
Mica Still | New Zealand | @micastill
Morag Shaw | New Zealand |
Noelle Anderson | Massachusetts | @noelle.c.a
Phibs | Australia | @phibs_has_instagram
Faith47 | South Africa | @_faith47
TECHS | New Zealand | @techs_x
Trustme | New Zealand | @oltrustola
TWOONE | Japan | @t_w_o_o_n_e
Vexta | Australia | @vexta

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans – New Zealand is proudly supported by Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, 1xRUN ArtLife, Resene, Napier Now, AAI, Napier Port, Cox Partners, Benson Property Group, Mackersey Development, West Quay Holdings, Hawkes Bay Tourism, Quest Apartments, Navigate Hotel, Blue Water Hotel, Six Sisters, Broken Tribe, Bay Espresso, Milk and Honey, Eat Drink Share HB, Yin Yoga, Hapi, Organic Ash, All Good Organics, and media partners Instagrafite, Buzzworthy, All City Canvas, and Chop Em Down Films.

charles and janine williams
Charles and Janine Williams – Photo by Janine Williams

askew one
Askew One – Photo by Olivia Laita

About Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans
Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a groundbreaking public art project created by PangeaSeed Foundation and supporting artists to help bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans into the streets around the world. Collaborating with internationally renowned artists, large-scale murals focus attention on pressing issues such as overfishing, plastics and pollution, global climate change, and habitat loss.

About PangeaSeed Foundation
PangeaSeed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization whose mission it is to harness the power of art, science and creativity to generate awareness, stimulate dialogue, change perception, and inspire positive change around pressing ocean environmental issues. Forging a synthesis between creative expression, nature, and society, PangeaSeed Foundation (re)connects individuals and communities with our planet’s most important ecosystem. – The Ocean.

International Inquiries
Enriqueta Arias (Regional Director of Media Relations, PangeaSeed Foundation)
+52 (55) 5952-3644 |

Local Inquiries
Cinzah Merkens (New Zealand Coordinator, PangeaSeed Foundation)
+64 (210) 815-3205 |
Related Links
Website – | Instagram & Twitter – @pangeaseed, @seawalls_

SOURCE PangeaSeed Foundation

amanda lynn
Amandalynn – Photo by Yoshi Yanagita

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