Love Letter Projects – Mural Festival Recap Pt. 1

The Love Letter Projects (a.k.a A Love Letter to the Great Lakes) mural festival in Toronto has recently come to a close. The project is the first fresh water edition of PangeaSeed‘s “Seawalls: Murals for Oceans” initiative that featured almost two dozen local and international artists showing off their skills throughout the 6. Here is the first set of images from around the festival, and there’s much more to come!

caratoes x enriqueta
Caratoes (photo: Enriqueta Arias)


bruno x halopigg
Bruno Smoky (photo: HaloPigg)

chris konecki x halopigg
Chris Konecki (photo: HaloPigg)

Kevin Ledo x instagrafite
Kevin Ledo (photo: Instagrafite)

peru x halopigg
Peru Dyer (photo: HaloPigg)

kwejar x yasin osman
KweJar (photo: Yasin Osman)

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