Tellas – Mural for Impronte 2016

On 16th of May we have officially started the first intervention for Impronte 2016, an event dedicated to the rediscovery of the craftsman and designer Salvatore Ferragamo through the public art. It was Tellas the protagonist of the first intervention, an artist from Sardinia known for his artistic research involved with nature and the interaction with the territory.


The artist, as expected, was in perfect harmony with the project for which were selected five of the best artists on the urban art scene. These five talents are different for their artistic survey but everyone recall in a different way Ferragamo’s work.


The three days activities result is “In the Hearth of Irpinia”, an artwork which represents the synthesis of the surrounding territory perception. The landscape is the physiological source of inspiration for Tellas who chooses colors not very usual in his artistic production in order to tell a story made of grapes and wine, ground and nature, and the yellow of the arid summer valleys around Bonito.


The eye contact, with Sannio area on the left and Ariano Irpino hills on the right, provided the final intuition to create a delicate work and almost a visual continuation of the landscape that surrounds it.
The title “In the Heart of Irpinia” ironically arises from the difficulty of placing Bonito in Upper or Lower Irpinia. Arrange it “In the heart”, in the center, leaves no room for doubt and positions it in an area without classifications, no topographical but essentially emotional.


Meanwhile the town is revitalized by workshop for children and kids and guided tours with schools and independent groups came to Bonito to say hello and see with their eyes and touch with their hands.
Hailed Tellas, we are already at work with Gola Hundun arrived in Bonito on May 25th. But it is not over yet we are waiting for Milu Correch (June 16th), Giulio Vesprini (June 24th) and Millo in the second half of July.


Media partner
Impronte is supported by ziguline, FrizziFrizzi, Gorgo, Orticalab and WideWalls that will document the work in progress.

Main Sponsor
Impronte would not have been possible without the contribution of: Siem Ceramiche Arredobagno, Bruno Generators, Gruppo Coviello, Gelati Aloha and Grafica Metelliana.

A big thanks also goes to the partners who helped to develop the project: Ente provinciale del turismo, Loffredo Arredamenti, Bcc di Flumeri, Gruppo Coviello, Tiscanet, Arredogamma, Proloco Bonito, l’Istituto Comprensivo L.V.Cassitto, Forum Giovani Bonito and Imbriano Macchine Agricole.

Collettivo Boca
Collettivo Boca is a heterogeneous group made of people united by love for art and proactive attention to the territory. We are photographers, geeks, serial communicators and street art enthusiasts. We put together ideas and energies in order to build projects for territorial improvement and social involvement. We are open to cultural exchange and cooperation, and we are working to expand our horizons by involving the organizations working on the territory and accepting other constructive contributions.


Impronte 2016
Bonito, Avellino (Campania)

Maria Caro
Head of communication
tel. +39 320 5724930

David Ardito
Founder and coordinator
tel. +39 338 2830766

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